Trump growth plan is working, it’s keeping the Trump rally going: Varney

You want to know what's happening to your money? You've come to the right place.

No big sell-off. After Friday's blow-out rally, you could perhaps expect a pull back, but it doesn't look like it.

The Dow... Looks like technology will do very well again. The Nasdaq is up a whopping 8% so far in March, and it’s going up again at the opening bell.

Why? It’s the economy. It’s doing very well. The Trump growth plan is working, and it’s keeping the Trump rally going.

And this week, the president takes his message on the road. He's aggressively selling his agenda directly to his political opponents. Tomorrow he’s in California for the first time as president. He's going right at the center of the Trump resistance movement. Then he goes to Missouri. That’s Trump country. But he's going after Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill who is up for re-election. A recent poll shows she is vulnerable.

Let’s not forget Saturday night's speech in Pennsylvania. Vintage Trump, un-leashed. Going right at Democrats, using his style and his record to hammer his opponents.

That’s your money morning. Your money's doing well, and the president is on the attack.