Trump, GOP need to keep promises on immigration: Dobbs

President Trump tonight is under assault by his usual critics and relentless opponents and enemies, whether the dimms, the RINOs, the media or the deep state. No matter, this president has demonstrated over and over that he can handle all of them, and all at the same time if need be.

Look at what's happened. The FBI and its director intended to make Hillary president---how did that work out? The FBI and Justice Department intended to stop Trump’s presidential bid, and stop it cold. They failed, and failed miserably.

And President Trump has succeeded. He has in less than a year and a half become a historic president, so successful that it's ludicrous to try to list his achievements because there are so many, and that list grows by the day.

And on the same day that he and his administration announced tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports, the president makes it clear that he won't support a wrong-headed, weak-kneed immigration bill supported by so-called moderates--read Schumer liberals--one of two bills that RINO Ryan wrote behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, a second bill was created by the same lame duck speaker who created the Schumer liberal bill. The same RINO who represents only the establishment interests of the globalists, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, Koch brothers and Wall Street. They own Ryan, and here they come again. The president is to be credited for his demand to solve immigration, but Congress isn't solving the illegal immigration problem, and surely isn't securing our borders. There's been no debate, again. No amendments, no bill crafted in the light of day. In fact, Ryan's Congress is no more open and participatory than Russia's Duma, perhaps less so.

President Trump tweeted that "any immigration bill must have full funding for the wall, end catch and release, visa lottery and chain, and go to merit based immigration. Go for it!" The president assured voters in 2016 there would be no amnesty, that he would secure the border, that he would build the wall.

Paul Ryan has declared he wants open borders, unrestricted immigration, and has opposed President Trump at almost every turn, betrayed him at every opportunity. This is the pivotal moment for the Republican Party. If Ryan and his RINOs have broken the president's promise to build the wall, if Ryan has his way on open borders and continued chain migration, any form of lottery, and further deceives both the president and his voters, Ryan will have betrayed the president, and the party, and most certainly will have destroyed the Republicans’ chance of holding their majority in the House.

Promises made, Mr. President. Promises made. Keep your promises, keep your promises. You know that's the only course that serves the national interest and the tens of millions of Americans you promised not to forget. We all have faith in you, Mr. President.