Trump on profiting from possible G-7 at Doral resort: The presidency will 'cost me' billions

President Trump suggested Monday that the next G-7 summit may be hosted at his Trump National Doral Golf Resort.

Following his joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, a reporter asked him: “What reassurances, if any, can you give the American people that you are not looking to profit off the presidency?”

Trump responded: “Probably it'll cost me anywhere from $3 billion to $5 billion to be president and the only thing I care about is this country.”

Trump said Doral is not only located in Miami, Florida but it has “all of the things that you need” to host the event.

Not only is it within 5 minutes from one of the world’s largest international airports, he said, it also has the ability to accommodate many people and “all of their big entourages.”

“We have a series of magnificent buildings. We call them bungalows. They each hold from 50 to 70 [people]. Very luxurious rooms with magnificent views. We have incredible conference rooms, incredible restaurants,” he explained.


The resort also sits on “many hundreds of acres,” so there’s plenty of room for parking, he said, and the ballrooms are among the biggest and best in Florida.

“It's brand new and… my people wanted it,” he said. ”From my standpoint I'm not going to make any money. In my opinion I'm not going to make any money. I don't want to make money. I don't care about making money.”