Trump Campaign Manager Responds to New FBI Clinton Email Probe


Kellyanne Conway: Clinton is queen of corrupt system

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the FBI reopening Clinton’s email server case.

Donald Trump's campaign manager said Friday the timing behind FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the case related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server suggests there has to be something of great significance in the emails.

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“I think what the reopening does it reminds everyone of a few things that there’s not a great deal of transparency and accountability throughout Hillary Clinton’s career including when she was Secretary of State and including all through the original FBI investigation,” Kellyanne Conway told FOX Business Network's Trish Regan.

The FBI’s unexpected announcement comes 11 days before the U.S. presidential election and after the agency spent close to a year investigating the former Secretary State.

“Maybe she’ll ignore it. She is pretty good at ignoring things that is important to the American people.”

Kellyanne Conway , Donald Trump Campaign Manager

Conway said the public backlash against the Clinton stigma for having a different set of rules compared to everyone else may have led the FBI to further investigate Clinton.

“The fact is that you got Hillary Clinton here lying many times it would appear. But in reopening the investigation, it’s nothing short of remarkable given the timing.”

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Conway also said she doesn’t know what will the FBI timeline will be, but thinks the investigation will take longer than 11 days.

“The specter of further problems for her legally will hang over her between now and Election Day, that’s really upshot of this information in my view,” Conway said on FOX Business Network’s The Intelligence Report.

When asked how she expects Clinton will respond, Conway said, “Maybe she’ll ignore it. She is pretty good at ignoring things that is important to the American people.”

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