Trump bringing on board Rudy Giuliani was a wise decision: Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz applauded former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani joining President Donald Trump’s personal legal team.

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“I think it was probably a very wise decision for the president to bring Giuliani on board,” Dershowitz told FOX Business’ Kennedy Thursday. “He knows all the tricks. He knows all the tactics.”

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow announced the appointment of Giuliani in a statement Thursday and quoted the President as saying, "Rudy is great," Sekulow quoted Trump as saying. "He has been my friend for a long time and wants to get this matter quickly resolved for the good of the country."

Giuliani was a former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York for much of the 1980s, prosecuting some of Wall Street’s most high-profile cases.

“[Giuliani] is one of the most effective and successful prosecutors in the history of the Southern District,” Dershowitz said.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been in hot water with the President and some critics suggest it won’t be long before he resigns.

“Sessions really pulled the wool over the president’s eyes,” Dershowitz said. “He should have told him before he accepted the job, ‘Look, I am going to accept the job and I am going to recuse myself from the most important investigation,’” Dershowitz said.

But, could Guiliani become the natural successor as Attorney General if he is successful against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe?

“I am not sure he wants the job,” Dershowitz said. “I think he might have been able to have it if he wanted it earlier.”

The Harvard Law professor battled Giuliani in the legal arena several times throughout their careers.

“We always disagreed, he is a Yankee fan, I am a Red Sox fan, but we are friends,” he said.