Trump becomes the first president to face down the 'lunatic with a nuke': Stuart Varney


Trump faces down the ‘lunatic with a nuke’: Stuart Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on how President Trump’s stand on North Korea has affected the markets.

The media is consumed with Charlottesville.

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Investors are not.

The timing of the president's statements are not an issue.

It is North Korea that is giving stock prices a boost today....

In short, Kim Jong Un has backed down. Two days ago, he threatened to fire missiles at Guam, a U.S. territory. Defense Secretary Mathis said very clearly: don't do it: fire off those missiles, and your regime is done.

President Trump's policy is clear: "tell 'em you can take 'em. Convince 'em you will do it". It worked. The NoKo's blinked.

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In the long history of threats and escalation, and the endless retreat of American presidents, North Korea has never backed down. And they did it on August 15th. A special day in Korea.....both North and South celebrate this day, when in 1945 they were liberated from Japanese occupation. It’s often the day when the North rattles its rockets, but not this time.....

This is a Trump win. It may not last, but as of now, Donald J. Trump has become the first president to successfully face down the lunatic with a nuke.....and that is a very good thing....

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