Trump Bashes Soros, Buffett on Business Records

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bashed billionaire investors George Soros and Warren Buffett during a rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

“[George] Soros declared $1.5[B] losses, $1.5 billion in just six months, and Warren Buffett declared $873 million. Ask them, did they write off those losses? Oh, I doubt it,” Trump said.

The real estate mogul explained why Clinton did not change the tax laws while she was the Senator of New York.

“She could have changed the laws when she was in the United States senate, but she didn’t,” Trump said. “The reason that she did not do that is her donors and contributors have used those same tax laws as I did.”

Trump said he wants to fix the tax laws to make it “fair and just” for everyone.

This is not the first time these billionaires have publically sparred.

In August, while stumping for Hillary Clinton on his home turf in Omaha, Buffett challenged Trump to a tax return duel.

“I would be delighted to meet him any place any time between now and [the] election. I’ll bring my tax return; he can bring his tax return… And just let people ask us questions about the items that are on there,” Buffett said.