Trump apprenticeship plan will change attitudes about trade jobs, Andy Puzder says

“It’s really the private sector that needs to engage in apprenticeships, internships, vocational training to try and fill the jobs that they have where they can’t find the people to fill the jobs. So, it’s not the amount of money that’s spent, I think it’s how they’re going to spend that money in coordination with the private sector,” Puzder told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

He then pointed out that during an apprenticeship, participants will earn an income instead of incurring student loan debt that comes along with a college education.

“Not only do you not have the expense of a college education and the incredible amount of money now that you have to borrow, particularly at the better schools, but you actually get paid while you are going through an apprenticeship.”

Puzder then predicted the administration’s support of this program will change perceptions of jobs in fields such as construction or manufacturing.

“The president getting behind this, and his daughter getting behind it, really should change the attitude in America about these jobs. There’s jobs in welding, there’s construction jobs…there’s jobs in manufacturing.” Puzder then added, “There is honor in every job and there is dignity in every job.”