Trump advisors struggle to support White House agenda: Dobbs


Republican leaders are unwilling or unable to pass Trump’s agenda: Dobbs

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on how Republican leaders are struggling to pass President Trump’s agenda.

A few thoughts now as the White House kicks off a three-week messaging campaign, focusing on the president's agenda and trying to rebuild momentum behind President Trump's agenda.

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The idea for theme weeks reportedly came from White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

This week it's "Made in America" week... And the theme wasn't helped much by colleague Sean Spicer, who said that some things can't be made in America. In his first press briefing appearance since June 26, Spicer said "certain supply chains" aren't available in this country.

Politico last month reported that the president gave Reince Priebus until the Fourth of July to clean up the White House. But some two weeks later, Priebus is still on the job.

Priebus and Spicer are not the only ones struggling to support the president's message. National Economic Advisor Gary Cohn is also contributing.

A former partner at Goldman Sachs says Cohn bragged to him that he has blunted the president's economic nationalism, stating that he has "tempered the reactionary influence of people around the president. He added that "he is dedicated to making sure the U.S. doesn't start any ridiculous trade wars or do something 'crazy' on health care."

Gary Cohn must not be the cleverest politician to be saying things like that. Who does he think he is?

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As for Congress, Republican leaders are either unwilling or unable to deliver for the president.

I have never seen anything like this. So many White House appointees who feel entitled to oppose the president of the United States...and for who there seems to be no accountability. That can't go on much longer...Not without disastrous consequences for the Trump agenda.

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