Trump administration will impose maximum pressure on North Korea, Gen. Keane says

Retired four-star general Jack Keane on Friday said the United States will impose “a policy of maximum pressure on North Korea” to prevent any companies from doing business with the communist state.

“Any country that does business with North Korea, we are going to seek them to stop doing that,” Keane told FOX Business’ Trish Regan.

Although sanctions on North Korea has failed in the past, the retired general believes China provides upward of 80 to 90 percent of North Korea’s economy and trade.

“Sanctions have never worked with North Korea,” Keane said. “But we never tried it to the degree that we are going to try this time particularly with China who provides most of the trade and economic support.”

Keane said the Trump administration believes China hasn’t fully cooperated in easing tensions in the Korean peninsula.

“The Trump administration is not going to escalate militarily,” Keane said. “What they are going to do is escalate with what’s called a policy of maximum pressure on North Korea.”

According to Keane, the Trump administration will dramatically increase sanctions on China as needed.

“There’s never been sanctions on China like this before,” he said. They recognize that they are on a collision course with China if they are unwilling to assist the United States and the region with denuclearization.”