Trump administration, Iran nuke deal on a collision course: Gen. Jack Keane

Gen. Jack Keane joined FOX Business to share his thoughts about the Trump administration’s confirmation Monday evening that Iran was complying with the nuclear deal and the U.S.’s vow to impose sanctions on Tehran for developing ballistic missiles and supporting unrest in the region. He said the situation will eventually come to a head.

“There’s no secret here that the administration is fundamentally opposed to this deal. The president when he was campaigning said it. He has said it since, that it’s a lousy deal and everybody that supports him on his national security team feels the same way,” he said.

“The problem is this. There’s six other signatures on that deal and the fact is that Iran is complying in the minds of all of those people who signed it and the investigative authorities that are supporting it, that Iran is adhering to the tenants of the deal.”

In his opinion the Trump administration and Iran deal are on a “collision course.”

“Iran is trampling on our interests in the region and those of our allies,” he said. “When President Trump went to the Middle East and 55 leaders stood in the same room with him, he said the number one strategic threat in this region is Iran and together we will stand up against them. Ten days after he took office Iran fired a ballistic missile in violation of the UN resolution. They were clearly testing the president. He sanctioned them as a result of that.”

He added that Trump will have a “get tough” policy going forward.