Trish Regan: Unspinning the spin — payouts, lucrative board gigs and quid pro quos

It takes two to tango, as they say, and now, Republicans are about to become a worthy dance partner.

They’re finally stepping up to the plate to demand answers as to why Hunter Biden made such massive sums of money in an industry he knew little about, as well as why Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee staffer, allegedly sought dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump from the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C.

This impeachment inquiry could ultimately backfire on overzealous, politically-motivated Democrats.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has attempted to politicize and control the inquiry process, thereby preventing Americans from hearing both sides of the story.

That is about to change.


Corruption is corruption and must be exposed.

Hunter Biden’s Big Payday

Let’s start with Hunter Biden and his $83,333-a-month gig to sit on the board of a Ukrainian gas company--a company known in international circles for being rather sketchy itself.

Board gigs can be well-paying, but, I have never heard of a board gig at a U.S. company paying anything close to this amount. Though some boards might yield as much as $83,000 a year, they certainly do not pay out $83,000 a month. This outrageous amount of money tells you something was amiss.

For starters, you don’t hire a guy and pay him insane amounts of money when he has no experience in the energy business and, frankly, no experience in anything, unless there’s a reason. And, in this case? There seems to be a reason: A major connection to the Obama White House.

If the new hire’s father is the Vice President of the United States, and can thus influence the distribution of funds towards a company and country, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Burisma viewed Hunter Biden as its access point.

And, the Obama White House knew it.


George Kent, who worked at the State Department when Joe Biden was Vice President, told impeachment investigators:

“I was on a call with somebody on the vice president's staff ... I raised my concerns that I had heard that Hunter Biden was on the board of a company ... that could create the perception of a conflict of interest. ... The message that I recall hearing back was that the Vice President's son Beau was dying of cancer and that there was no further bandwidth to deal with family-related issues at that time."

Kent’s testimony echoes a recent report in the New York Times, which reported:

“Hunter Biden’s activities struck many of the officials working on Ukraine policy as an unnecessary distraction, or worse. Mr. Biden’s aides were so worried about the optics they enlisted state department officials to gather facts to determine how to handle the story.”

And yet? These aides were allegedly afraid to tell the Vice President for fear he would scold them as he reportedly scolded Obama aides when they raised the issue.


So, you want to talk quid pro quo, eh? I suspect that Hunter Biden is well-versed in it.

Republicans Demand to Hear from New Witnesses

Meanwhile - other witnesses like Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS and helped shuttle the infamous and discredited Steele dossier into the hands of the FBI, allegedly via her husband who worked there, and, Chalupa, who was allegedly shuttling between the DNC and the Ukrainian embassy in Washington in a quest for dirt on Trump must provide Americans with answers to some very big questions.

There’s much more to this story than the Democrats have attempted to present.

The Dems “Spin” is about to be Unspun

In sum, the Democratic Party’s spin on this one is about to be unspun.

When that happens, I suspect we will be left with a portrait of greed and corruption that will go down in history for its infamy. None of this is good for the country, but, as I said - it takes two to tango and this is turning into a showstopper.