Trish Regan: It’s time for the American public to find out the truth

Tonight it’s time the American public knows the truth.

The last two years may soon prove to be a kind of Watergate on steroids, a massive abuse of power within the so-called deep state. Why?

The establishment didn’t like someone, Donald J. Trump, now the President of the United States.

Americans must demand answers.

Many higher ups in the Obama administration attempted to mislead the American public by making wild accusations, with the former head of the CIA under Obama leading the pack, suggesting that the President himself was an agent of Russia.

The story never added up in the last two years, and now that we have the information gathered in the Mueller report, we know there was no collusion. So why were John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe and all Obama’s top intelligence people trying to tell us there was collusion ?


And that, my friends, is exactly why this so-called Russian collusion issue will go down in the history books as one of the worst scandals in modern times.

So tonight, we are asking questions. We must know why there was a massive overreach. Why was there a so-called “insurance policy”, and why and how was there an attempt to unseat a sitting president of the United States of America ?


In reading the Mueller report it was clear to me that Russia tried to intervene and they did. They repeatedly attempted to reach out to the Trump campaign but couldn’t get to first base. To be clear, they already had inroads in Clinton’s machine. And it's also clear to me that the President didn’t collude. Nor did anyone in his campaign. While he may have been overly upset by the rhetoric used by the media and deep state types, that is a normal human reaction.

So tonight the tables have turned. It is now time for President Trump to demand answers. How, what, when, where, why and then some ?