Transcript: Greta Van Susteren’s Exchange with Darrell Issa

Greta: As Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, do you have interest in holding any hearings on how we gather data to arrive at these numbers? Issa: We do Greta, because the way it's being done with the constant revisions, significant revision, tells us that it's not as an exact a science as it needs to be and there's got to be a better way to get those numbers or don't put them out if they're going to be wrong by as much as half a point. Greta: Would you like a hearing in the next couple of months on this? Issa: We very much intend to work every day through the November and December time to get these kinds of things done. We're hoping that that's a good non-partisan time. And this is an issue where I think our committee has important jurisdiction to make sure we get it right.