Top 5 Debtor Nations

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This list looks at the top riskiest economies in the world in terms of amounts of debt.

1. Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s debt totaled $8 trillion US Dollars in 2013, according to the CIA.

The war-torn nation’s Debt-to-GDP ratio almost 200% and ranks second globally.

2. Japan

According to a CIA estimate in 2013, Japan ranked first among nations with the highest Debt-Per-Capita in the world and had a Debt-to-GDP ratio which was about 225%.

3. Greece

Greece was second in the CIA’s Debt-Per-Capita global ranking in 2013.

Last year, 18% of Greece’s economy was attributed to tourism and 3% to European Union aid, according to the CIA.

4. Ireland

The CIA ranked Ireland second among nations with the highest Debt-Per-Capita in the world.

The Emerald Isle’s economy underwent a devastating housing crisis in 2007 but has since recovered with budget deficit reductions, and debt refinancing under the IMF, according to the CIA.

5. Germany

Is the largest external debtor in Europe and has lent over $5 trillion worth of debt around the world, the CIA reported last year.

Germany remained the largest economy in Europe and  fifth largest economy in the world, in terms of purchasing power, according to the CIA.

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