Tom Homan slams DHS Chief Mayorkas as ‘secretary of insecurity’

US is more insecure 'now,' the former acting ICE director says

Fox News contributor and former acting ICE Director Tom Homan called Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas the "secretary of insecurity," criticizing Mayorkas' response to the migrant crisis along the southern border on "Varney & Co." Wednesday.

TOM HOMAN: This administration lying, I'm angry because the Secretary of Homeland Security gets on national TV, as of yesterday, saying the borders are closed, is secured and people will be deported. He is lying.

Thousands are being released into the United States, we got the video. We got the proof. Someone needs to hold him accountable.

He's no longer the secretary of homeland security, he's the secretary of homeland insecurity because this homeland is more insecure right now than it has been any time during my 35-year career.