This is the Number One Question on Google in the U.K. Right Now


During the historic referendum where the United Kingdom voted on whether or not it should leave the European Union, many in the U.K. took to Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) seeking answers to their Brexit-related questions.

But a read of the most popular Google searches shows that many were confused about what Brexit was, where to vote or even when the referendum was. At the time of publication, the top questions were:

?         How do I vote?

?         What is Brexit?

?         Who can vote?

?         When is the referendum?

?         Where can I vote?

On leaving versus staying, U.K. residents were mainly asking questions about the effects of a Brexit. At approximately 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night in the U.K., searches for the ‘leave’ campaign spiked, dramatically outweighing the stay searches.

Within England, Google found that more of the northern regions were searching for “stay” terms, while regions in central and southern England ranged widely from “stay” to “leave.”

Google Trends has shown a 100% spike in searches related to “getting an Irish passport” after the Brexit vote. Trends also reported that searches for the British Pound have reached their highest point ever.

Globally, there is a fair amount of Google search-related interest in Brexit. In the U.S., the coastal regions exhibit more interest than central. Ireland ranks as the number one non-EU country with the most interest in Brexit. Outside of the U.K., multiple countries including Spain, Poland, Germany and France are searching for ‘what is Brexit?,’ a sign that the lack of knowledge surrounding Brexit extends to outside of the U.K.