The left wants America to be more like Europe: Varney

Why would anyone want America to be more like Europe?

Strangely, that’s exactly what the left wants—especially the coastal elites.

Remember Bernie Sanders singing the praises of Denmark? They like a socialist economy, cradle to grave security, total job security (you can't fire anyone in Europe) and they just love those super-strict gun laws and the environmental laws. America's left is very much in-sync with the “oh so civilized” Europeans.

I beg to differ.

Have you seen what's going on in Europe these days?

In Eastern Europe, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are in open revolt against Germany's insistence that millions of Muslim migrants should roam freely throughout the continent. Austria has just elected a 31-year-old leader who feels the same way. To say that Europe is socially divided is an under-statement.

It is politically divided too. Brexit? The Brits want out. Catelonia? Barcelona wants out of Spain. And watch out, the Flems and Walloons are not exactly united in Belgium.

Terrorism? It’s ripping Europe apart. Welfare? The European system is not sustainable. And yet, the left wants our medical system to be like theirs. They want open borders, like theirs. Gun laws, like theirs. Green laws, like theirs. And of course, reign in the military.

The good news is the left is losing this argument. As Europe's problems become ever more apparent, the attraction of Europe declines.

We are just at the start of a presidency that will redefine America's position in the world. It will redefine what America is all about. Good. It’s time we made the case, forcefully, that America is the land of individual freedom. A capitalist economy that promotes growth and prosperity.

This recovering European is all-in!