The Left is politicizing the Las Vegas massacre: Varney

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The Left’s contempt for Trump has been revealed: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney says it’s not a good idea to personally attack President Trump while he’s doing the best job he can.

In the last four weeks, the president has visited Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Today, he goes to Las Vegas.

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He's doing what all presidents do...Comforting the bereaved, organizing relief and supporting the authorities on the ground who are dealing with disaster.

During this time, his approval rating has gone up. As comforter-in-chief, he's done the right thing and he's done it well.

The Left is not happy. The last thing they want to see is President Trump looking good. They thought they could run him out of office by now...

In their desperation, they've gone overboard. Their contempt for the president has been revealed. They've gone from the silliness of complaining about the first lady's shoes, to the insults in the [New York] Times yesterday, where a columnist called the president "a nasty showbiz huckster" who had failed Puerto Rico.

Today the president goes to Las Vegas. A CNN reporter has already speculated that he's only going because the shooting victims were "probably" Trump supporters.

TV news shows portrayed the trip as a giant photo op, for a narcissistic president. Senator Schumer criticized him for a "slow" response to Puerto Rico and said he should roll up his sleeves – does the senator believe this 70-year-old dynamo of a president is lazy? That’s laughable...

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What is not laughable is the Left's politicizing of the Las Vegas massacre. Gun control is their rallying cry. With bodies still on the ground, Hillary Clinton was blaming the NRA. Tasteless to put it mildly.

Within the hour, the president lands in Las Vegas, and no doubt the political sniping will continue. But the Left should be careful; this latest mass shooting has touched a raw nerve. The country is anxious and troubled. It is not a good idea to throw personal attacks at the comforter-in-chief when he's doing his job as best he can.

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