The left is coming for your guns: Kennedy

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Ex-justice calls to repeal the Second Amendment

FBN’s Kennedy on retired Justice John Paul Stevens’s call to repeal the Second Amendment.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has lost what's left of his moth riddled mind. Our nation's highest jurists, active and retired, should have the greatest understanding and respect for the constitution and its prescience. Instead, Stevens wants to wad it up and discard it like a used tissue.

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JPS, like many shaken Americans, was moved by the ongoing protest of young people in the wake of the Parkland massacre. So what's his solution? Background checks? Limiting ammunition sales? Mandatory safety training for all gun owners? Nope! Those are far too moderate and pragmatic.

Stevens wants to trash and repeal the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution because he's been so touched by the youths. It's probably a good idea to torch a sacred document based on adolescent political whims, especially when they are rooted in exploitable tragedy.

There are a couple of things happening with this plea. One, he trashes the NRA and demands they be neutered for the sake of safety, so you'd have to also toss the First Amendment. Sorry press and clergy! Maybe the kids will march in your favor someday. Guns aren't legal because of some outdated document, they protect basic freedoms by allowing people to preserve their lives and, as I’ve said many times before and this is a philosophical point, whoever has the guns has the power. If the people have the guns, they have the power, and that is a true democracy.

Now, let's say in the interest of life and safety we repeal the Second Amendment so law-abiding liberty lovers can no longer protect themselves. Does that make life safer? No, there are still bombs, IEDs, cars, knives, pills, human nature, murderous impulses, oh...and 300 million guns floating around. Repeal and confiscation are two drastically different concepts, but if you try and marry them you'll experience the great divorce of active revolution.

At least Stevens wears his bold, authoritarian ideology on his worn-out sleeve, and you know where the left is coming from. Make no mistake about it: They are coming for your guns.

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