The left continues to spew hatred and contempt for Trump: Varney

They still hate him. They are still contemptuous of him. The left is not backing away. Their response to the Trump presidency is as extreme as ever. And as divisive as ever.

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Last night's Grammy Awards were a textbook example. Like all these awards shows, it’s supposed to be a showcase for talent. Instead, it was a show-case of contempt. Contempt for our president. Hillary Clinton, reading excerpts from a book of gossip about the trump white house. What’s that got to do with music? I predict another drop in TC ratings.

Nancy Pelosi, says the president's immigration plan is designed "to make America white again". How divisive can you get?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, referring to bonuses, says "I’m not sure that $1,000 goes very far for almost anyone." She was sitting next to Nancy Pelosi, who is the richest woman in congress, who repeated her comment that bonuses were "crumbs" how out of touch can you get?

The perpetually outraged Maxine Waters, calls the president a racist and a despicable human being.

Representative Al Greene calls for the president's impeachment.

Ok, so where are responsible democrats in all this? We haven't heard much from them. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is the lone stand-out, saying "we don't need that" after Pelosi’s " make America white again", comment, but nobody else has come forward.

Words, once spoken, are very hard to walk back. Words spoken on tape, are impossible to walk back. Because your political opponents will use them over and over. President Trump should know that by now, but it appears democrats have not learned that lesson.

I'll close like this: The left continues to spew hatred and contempt FOR THIS PRESIDENT. THAT IS DANGEROUS FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC