Wray failed to establish faith in FBI: Former secret service agent

Former United States Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino agrees with the President that former FBI Director James Comey hasn’t been completely honesty regarding the search warrants that were issued to “spy” on the Trump 2016 campaign.

“They used national security letters, they used foreign spies to gather intelligence on Trump. That's already been reported on other outlets by the left-leaning outlets, right? They used the FISA Court otherwise known as a Surveillance Court as synonym for spying,” said Bongino during an interview on FOX Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight. 

The President claimed last year that Trump tower was wiretapped during his 2016 presidental campaign. After many disputed the fact that the soon to be President was spied on, it turns out wiretapping wasn’t the only things that was going on. It has recently come out that an FBI investigator was planted to spy on Trump campaign associates around the same time.

Attorney General Barr has already confirmed that the campaign was spied on, and vowed to look into the origins of it. Sitting FBI director Christopher Wray refused to use the word “spying” in his testimony this week on Capitol Hill saying: "well, it's not the term I would use. Lots of people have different colloquial phrases. I believe that the FBI is engaged in investigative activity, and part of investigative activity includes surveillance.” In Bongino's opinion, Wray "sold this out."

“There was absolutely no reason to play this game. Christopher Wray is one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the cosmos. He had the ability yesterday to re-establish faith in the FBI and come out and say listen, a very simple answer,” he said.


Bongino added: “all we had to say is there's an investigation going on right now with the spying -- yes spying -- an appropriate English word. Instead, what is he doing? That's the Comey euphemisms game. I wouldn't use the word spying. They were perfectly content with using the word spying every other time whenever they're talking about the Patriot Act with George Bush, it's ridiculous. He disappointed me yesterday.”