The Democrats turned their backs on me over tax reform: Governor Jim Justice

Governor Jim Justice (D-WV) announced last night at a Trump rally in his state that he could no longer serve the people of West Virginia as a Democrat and will become a Republican.

Justice says that he has a great relationship with the President, and that the two began discussions over this decision two and a half weeks ago. He is currently working on the paperwork he needs to complete to change his voter registration to Republican.

“Before sundown today, I’ll be a Republican,” Justice told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto this afternoon.

His decision to leave the Democratic party came from a debate over West Virginia’s budget. There was a Republican-led element to the budget that would entail tax reform for West Virginians, something that Justice saw as a positive thing.

“I mean the Democrats walked away from me,” Justice says of the Democrats’ response to his support of the tax reform.

Justice came from a long line of Republicans, but decided to run as a Democrat because of concerns he previously had with the Republican party.

“At one time I was a little concerned about how serious our Republicans were about really helping business and doing the right things there,” he said.

Justice agrees that the media should back down from Russia talks, and that the media is not giving President Trump a fair shot to lead this country.

“I really think that we, as Americans, are getting flat sick and tired of hearing about Russia,” said Justice.

He said he is in no position to give advice to the President, but did comment on the need to get tax reform passed by the House and Senate.

“I believe [tax reform] has to be done this year,” he said.

Justice agrees with some in Washington that believe the wealthy don’t need tax cuts right now. He thinks that tax cuts should be focused on the middle and low income class in order to move the country forward. He does say, however, that eventually the wealthy need a tax cut.