The Clintons are done in politics: Stuart Varney

It’s over. The political life of the Clintons is done.

It was Donna Brazile who delivered the final straw: The former chair of the Democratic National Committee reveals that Hillary did indeed manipulate the party machinery to keep Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) out. Stated differently, the fix was in. Hillary made sure Bernie couldn't win the nomination.

Democrats are not happy. Their own party rigged the system and put forward a flawed candidate. They are thinking: "It could have been President Sanders!" Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a Bernie supporter, says "we have to hold this party accountable". There will be hell to pay, and it’s all coming down on the Clintons.

Remember, there are two other scandals bubbling away.

The Clinton campaign spent millions of dollars funding that "dossier". That’s a disgrace.

And, the Clintons took in tens of millions just as Hillary, Secretary of State, okayed the sale of American uranium to Russia.

The Clintons are escape artists. They lawyer up and they always have that "plausible denial" of any legal wrong-doing.

But this is politics. Very different. They cannot escape the political judgement of their own party. And that judgement is: You cheated. You lost. And you're done.

As we speak, President Donald Trump is on his way to Asia. He's got a big win under his belt: The  tax plan. The economy is growing and jobs are coming back. He totally dominates the scene.

What a contrast. A year ago, Hillary thought she was going to be president.