The Bannon uproar is nasty politics and a distraction: Varney

What a distraction! Steve Bannon makes inflammatory claims. The president's lawyer tells him to cease and desist. You'd think Russia, Russia, Russia had broken new ground and the presidency is indeed threatened. Not so. The Bannon uproar is nasty politics, and pure speculation.

And it’s a distraction, because there's a real breakthrough elsewhere.

Finally, after a long stonewall, we are going to find the truth about that infamous Russian dossier. Was it used as an excuse for domestic spying on the Trump election campaign? Sure looks like it. Was it the reason the FBI began the Russia investigation in the first place?  Sure looks like it.

Let’s not forget that "dossier" was paid for by Hillary Clinton! And it contained scurrilous and fake material that the president has described as a "pile of garbage.”

Well, now we'll get the documents that will reveal how the FBI and Justice Department used the dossier. This is political dynamite. Far more important than Bannon's provocations.

Back-track for a moment: Before the election, the Clinton team pays millions of dollars to Fusion GPS. They're looking for dirt on Trump. Fusion comes up with a pack of lies, called "the dossier" and releases it to the media. Talk about dirty tricks.

And it gets worse—the FBI got that dossier: What did they make of it? Pack of lies? And did they use it to spy on the Trump campaign? Is this how Russia, Russia, Russia got started? We are going to find out.

This morning, the establishment media is all over Bannon's comments. To repeat: It’s a distraction. The real story is about the cabal of Obama supporters, buried in the FBI and the Justice Department, who interfered with a presidential election.

Hats off to the Republicans who pushed hard to get at the truth. It’s not about Trump and Russia. It’s about a deep state conspiracy.