Texas will undertake the largest rebuilding process anyone has ever seen: Gov. Abbott

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Gov. Abbott on Texas' bold rebuilding plan after Harvey

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) on the rescue and rebuilding process after Harvey.

Nearly a week after Harvey made landfall, rescue efforts are still taking place in Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) told the FOX Business Network’s Dagen McDowell, on Mornings with Maria:

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“We are still going through the rescue process in parts of flooded Houston, as well as you see the incredible flooding going on in east Texas around the Beaumont region. So we need to continue the effort to rescue, but also get much needed supplies to those regions including food and water as well as essentials.”

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While the rescue efforts continue, the recovery process begins.

“We’ve already begun the recovery and rebuilding process where the hurricane first came across land near the Corpus Christi, Rockport areas of the state of Texas.”

According to Gov. Abbott, the state will have a Texas-sized response to Harvey in an effort to rebuild the areas impacted by the storm.

“We will be sending a message that Texas is going to undertake the largest rebuilding process anyone has ever seen. We got hit by a storm as big as Texas, but we’re going to have a response as big as the state of Texas.”

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