Texas Sheriffs Could Face Jail Time For Not Cooperating With Federal Immigration Law

After a federal judge put a temporary halt on President Trump’s executive order attempting to strip federal funding from states acting as sanctuary cities on Tuesday, Texas passed a new law tackling the controversial matter in the Lone Star state Thursday morning.

The sanctuary city bill passed by the Texas House aligns with the President’s crackdown on illegal immigration, and threatens to jail local law enforcement, including sheriffs and police chiefs, if they do not comply with federal immigration law.

The legislation takes direct aim at Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who said her department would cooperate less with federal authorities seeking to deport an inmate.

“I would say she was an inspiration to us all. I mean it changed in the House. That provision wasn’t in the House until last night,” said Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, during an interview with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network. “I think the Senate adopted it because the Governor saw what was going on in Travis County and in Austin, and he wanted to address it, and that’s what he did. So here we go.”

The bill also gives Texas the authority to accomplish exactly what Trump’s executive order set out to do, banning funding from local government and counties if they hold the sanctuary city status.

Paxton said the San Francisco federal judge who temporarily blocked President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities doesn’t have any impact on the bill passed in Texas.

“No. First of all, let me give the Governor credit. This was an Emergency item he pushed through the house and Senate very quickly. So no, I don’t think it has any impact on us at all. The Federal judge in this case was dealing with federal law. This is state law, completely separate.”