Tech Worker Forced to Train H-1B Replacement Making Run for Congress

A former tech worker who says he was replaced and forced to train an H-1B Visa recipient, is now running for Congress.

Craig Diangelo was an IT worker at Northeast Utilities, now called Eversource, in Connecticut, until he lost his job after two India-based IT outsourcing firms took over, he told the FOX Business Network.

“In the very beginning we did not know that we would be training our replacements… the CIO came down from Boston, said that she would hold a town hall meeting to discuss the future of our IT at our particular company," Diangelo said. "We all got into the room, 220 of us, she proceeded to tell us that… what we are going to do is… outsource IT infrastructure and IT development."

Diangelo said company employees at the time were told it was because “global employees can adjust to change a lot faster than the American worker.” He questioned why American workers weren’t classified equally.

“When you take a look at this, isn’t the American worker also a global worker, don’t we have some input into what’s said, or what we say or what gets said in regards to a global economy? After all we are a very large market,” he said.

He also described the terminology used for employees to train their replacements.

“As they were bringing over 220 employees, we were told that we would do knowledge transfer to these individuals coming over here,” he said, adding many of the people brought over didn’t have the necessary job skills to take their positions.

However, he still lost his job.

“They sweetened the pot to us individuals who were still there that if we stayed on an additional ten weeks, we would get an additional ten weeks of severance pay,” he said.

Diangelo is now running for Congress in Connecticut as a Republican.