Tax cuts will allow businesses to spend as they choose: Kennedy

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Why lowering the corporate tax rate will boost the economy

FBN’s Kennedy on the passing of the GOP tax plan and why Democrats are against it.

The President finally slayed his legislative dragon and put the tax baby to bed, leaving people scratching their heads and asking republitards "was that so hard?" The president, never one to self-congratulate, took a humble victory lap earlier today.

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This bill is not perfect, it is problematic and was rushed and cloaked in secret garments, but if the best parts are abstracted, it's not hard to see the coming benefits.

In an age of force-fed, emotionalist talking points, the left has been pushing the divisive rhetoric of wedge populism and one percentery as a justification for resistance. Because apparently Democrats hate when people make money, and the only money they like is the kind they steal from you by force and redistribute.

There's been a lot of whimpering about the corporate tax cut. With the rate tumbling from 35% to 21%, it has statists in a state of panic. The cut is a great thing because businesses, small and large alike, will owe less to the federal robber barons and be able to do as they see fit with their newfound, hard-earned cash.

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This sends Democrats into fits of apoplexy because they want control over the cash so they can use their twin powers of inefficiency and corruption to dole it out. That is un-American and wrong, and that is communist.

Instead let the full silo feed workers as the natural gravity of the free market boosts wages, further lowers unemployment and plumps capital so businesses can reinvest as they choose. This is not some cruel sociological experiment, it is an exercise in rationalism and if nothing else, bumbling Congress is morally obligated to do less, for individuals and corporations, so the economy can do more.

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