Tax cuts could make the economy blossom: Kennedy

From improved holiday retail numbers to dropping unemployment rates, the year-end economic data looks pretty arousing. If the tax cuts take effect the way they're intended, the economy could blossom in other areas, too. With corporations set for higher profits and a bursting job market with rising wages that means more people with more money, and hopefully fewer problems.

Wall Street has had a stellar year with the Dow up 24%, and while skeptics warn there could be a series of bursting bubbles lurking around every corner, most analysts say investing in the market is still a solid strategy and to expect more gains. Although the heights may not be quite as bright for 2018, you'll still make some scratch from your 401k or trading app.

The big worry is creating personal bubbles and getting caught up in a wave of optimism that could sink you if you're not protected. More than 50% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts, and while the rosey financial picture may spell job security and more cash on hand, it's wise to save in case that rainy day turns into a monsoon.

If we go to war with North Korea, or God forbid one of these terror nuts is successful, it could create the kind of uncertainty that wipes away speculative and theoretical wealth in the time it takes to get a hot stone massage.

So maybe cool it on the yacht full of hookers until you have a six month cushion if, God forbid, something nasty happens and the bottom falls out of your sloop. There is nothing sexier than financial security, so hopefully 2018 grows your nut and your net worth and the only bubbles in the New Year are in your champagne glass.