Steve Wynn: The Political Conversation is All Wrong

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The 2016 presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has left one U.S. casino magnate ready to believe that the earth is flat.

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CEO Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN), said the political discourse is straying from far more important issues affecting the entire nation.

“I think the conversation is all wrong. I don’t think the dialogue has shown the proper respect for the process itself. What’s going on America is complicated, important and worth serious, serious public discussion,” Wynn said during an interview on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Wynn said the increase in government spending has destroyed the quality of every paycheck and living standard of every American.

"People that create jobs, create tax payers, which benefits society as a whole."

Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts CEO

“That conversation is relevant. Not to mention a serious discussion about globalization, trade, immigration, but instead, I feel that the exchanges have devolved. I think the conversation is all wrong,” he said.

Wynn also addressed the “paying your fair share” narrative and said 70% of the tax revenues paid to the U.S. government in income tax are paid by 5% of the citizens.

“When you hear a politician say fair share, you are talking about hypocritical political propaganda. You are not talking about an intelligent discussion of who is paying what and who isn’t paying taxes,” Wynn told host Neil Cavuto.

The casino mogul thinks the U.S. corporate tax rate is excessively high for businesses to create jobs, and he said offshore profits can be a gateway for tax breaks on corporations.

“People that create jobs, create tax payers, which benefits society as a whole,” Wynn said.

When asked who he is putting his chips behind come Election Day, Wynn said, “I am so focused on the fact that the conversation doesn’t address any of the things I think are important. I think our political dialogue in America is distorted and completely off track.”

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