Steve Forbes: Americans Want Positive Economic Change

The first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia got off to a rough start as street protests from disenfranchised Bernie Sanders’ supporters and disruption on the convention floor hindered Hillary Clinton’s message of party unity.

Despite an embarrassing email leak over the weekend showing DNC officials favoring a Hillary Clinton win, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and first lady Michelle Obama declared their support for Clinton by focusing on anti-Donald Trump sentiments.

“Donald Trump has no real plans for jobs, for college kids, for seniors, no plans to make anything great for anyone except rich guys like Donald Trump,” Warren said during her keynote address.

Warren said corporate profits are at an all-time high despite wealth in America not trickling down to working families.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes challenged Warren by stating that corporate earnings and revenues have been stagnant for the past year and a half.

“We been dead in the water for a while in terms of earnings,” Forbes told host Maria Bartiromo. “These people are dealing in clichés of the past and not the current situation. Wall Street is laying off people right now.”

The economy has been treading water at a barely 2% growth rate while Hillary Clinton intends to expand on many of the regulations that can be held accountable for the lack of economic growth for businesses.

“The economy is not doing well, around the world is not doing well, and so far they’ve been oblivious to it trying to appease the Sanders people who still think it’s 1932,” Forbes said.

The former presidential candidate thinks the most important policy that will drive economic growth is tax reform and says what will resonate among voters is a “Reagan-esque optimism.”

“They [voters] know the situation is not good and want something positive. So far, they haven't had it yet, certainly not from the Democrats last night,” Forbes said.