Steve Bannon resigned in disgrace from Breitbart: Kennedy

Bannon is banned! Sloppy Steve resigned in disgrace from Breitbart News after his incendiary and disloyal comments about the president and his family set off a chain reaction that's led to a total meltdown.

Bannon fancied himself the author of the president's agenda, particularly his unyielding nationalism and economic populism.

Now that the president is free from Steve's stinky headlock, he's also able to flirt with less confining political positions. His freewheeling, immigration, bipartisan chat-fest showed he's more interested in making a deal than building a wall. And by being spontaneous, measured and engaged, he tried to put to rest the rumors of his mental timidity and instability.

And he basically just agreed with everyone even when points came up that directly opposed past stances. During his marriage with Steve, the president was never allowed to showcase his agenda at hob knobby globalist cotillions.

Now that Bannon is shunned, the president, in the ultimate anti-Steve move, is going to rub elbows with bougie business leaders at the Tony Davos convention and sell his brand of Americanism to the hoity-toity, internationalist slope-goers in Switzerland.

Does it mean the president is selling out to Obama-like globalism? No. It just means he's free from the barren wasteland of economic isolation, the worst turn on the populism express that puts you on a road to ruin.

The president's critics are always telling him to knock it off with the Twitter insults and focus on the economy, and maybe he's doing just that by selling America to a global audience and possibly fixing immigration so those who want to come to this country and make America even greater can do just that.