Stephen Baldwin on Shatner’s Twitter rant: Hollywood conservatives fear liberal backlash

With singer Kid Rock teasing a potential Senate bid in Michigan and actor Wiliam Shatner’s recent Twitter rant against ‘social justice warriors,’ Actor Stephen Baldwin weighs in on all the celebrity ‘outsiders’ getting involved in politics or at least giving their two cents worth on what’s going on.

“I think that Hollywood folks or celebrities believe that, honestly in their hearts, they want what’s best interests of all Americans, constitutionally, that’s the gray area right, cause it seems Hollywood is now having its own sensibility and perception of what that means,” Baldwin told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“It explains why guys like Martin Sheen and everybody else are kind of going wild about all this,” Baldwin said, referring to Sheen calling America the ‘land of lunatics’ while filming in Canada.

On the other hand, Baldwin says Shatner has to be careful about how he voices his opinion because of his more conservative views.

“But Shatner is kind of in the same boat as me, he has his opinion, he wants to be able to say it, he can’t say too much because they’re going to hammer him.  So quite cleverly he uses his Twitter account like President Trump, he will go and voice whatever opinions he has.”

According to Baldwin, many in Hollywood see themselves as smarter than those that voted for Trump.

“The Hollywood folks for the most part believe intellectually, in my perception, that they’re smarter, therefore they know what’s best for all those people that voted for Mr. Trump through the Electoral College.”

Despite many Hollywood liberals’ views, Baldwin says they were proven wrong by the election.

“They know what’s best for the coal miner, they know what’s best for the middle-class person who’s paying for the ObamaCare now that is being given to the people who can’t afford it, etc., etc., etc.  Unfortunately most of the time, they’re wrong and Mr. Trump being the President of the United States is the proof.”