South Carolina GOP Chair: I'm Happy with State's Move to Extend Registration Deadline

Though politics may have taken a back seat while Hurricane Matthew batters Florida, the Carolinas and other southern East Coast states, voter registration deadlines in states impacted by the storm have become an issue.

South Carolina recently extended the voter registration deadline due to the potentially damaging effects of Matthew, while its neighbor and swing state, Florida, did not.

“I was happy last night that South Carolina decided to extend this registration deadline from tomorrow until Tuesday,” said South Carolina GOP Chairman Matt Moore. “So many people are affected by this storm here in South Carolina. It was a bipartisan decision in South Carolina.”

Moore said he isn’t sure exactly how many people still need to beat the deadline to register to vote in the presidential election in November.

“It could range from hundreds of people to thousands of people,” he said. “I know in South Carolina, both sides—our side [the GOP] and the Democrats—are racing to beat the deadline and putting forward again, dozens if not hundreds of registration applications per day, so it could be a sizable number.”