South Carolina, Arkansas may be next to back Trump border fight

South Carolina and Arkansas may be the next states to support border security, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican who has just pledged to send an additional 1,000 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I’ve received phone calls already from governors in other states,” Abbott told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on Tuesday. “I got a phone call from the governor of South Carolina. I know the governor of Arkansas. The governors of other states want to step up and help out by providing National Guard [troops],”

Governors in Arizona and New Mexico have also backed President Donald Trump’s decision to use the military to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking along the border, which Abbott described as a “long-run” commitment.

“They are going to be there, I perceive, a long time—years,” he said. “Because if you just look at what the president said—he said that this is a gap filler until he gets funding for the wall and greater border security.”

Not all border states are on board. The governors of Oregon and Montana have rejected the plan while California Gov. Jerry Brown is still considering whether he will participate.

“There are people in politics who are completely unhinged from national security and from the rule of law,” Abbott said. “Texas is a rule-of-law state, so of course we are going to step up and do our part to make sure the border is secure.”