Socialism has robbed the Venezuelan people of their human rights: Trish Regan

In a nation with one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Socialism has robbed the people of their human rights and of their dignity.

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Venezuela which once had the highest standard of living in Latin America... has descended into war-like existence ... with the socialists in power running criminal enterprises and leaving the people... with nothing.

Children are starving. Adults are starving. People have no access to basic necessities nor medical care.

I want you to see this photo... this was taken by a cellphone in a Venezuelan hospital and verified to me tonight — by a doctor working in the public hospitals.


This is a maternity ward. Babies are housed in laundry baskets and cardboard boxes. Because they have no bassinets, they have no incubators... and what’s truly devastating is that these babies are being born so severely malnourished that most of them will not survive.