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Smart Money’s Already on Jeb Bush. Or Is it?


Neil’s Spiel: Too soon to place bets on 2016?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto on political donors already putting money behind Jeb Bush for the 2016 election.

Christie sinking.

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Romney exiting.

Bush ... benefitting?

Don't laugh. The first presidential primary might still be more than a year away, but to hear some political donors tell it, Jeb just cinched it (or at least the big money part of it). According to them, the former Florida governor is consolidating the mainstream Republican vote and leaving all other prospective GOP candidates in his financial wake.

Whoa! Stop! Calm down, here!

I mean, is it me, or are we dotting the I's and crossing the T's on those donor checks a bit too soon? Actually, "a lot" too soon?

New Hampshire's still more than a year away, and when it comes to dough, it's Jeb Bush who's running away? Not a single debate. Not a single candidate forum. Before a party meet-and-greet, or Iowa-steak fry, all others are fried? Because the smart money is already accounted for?

That's a lot of money, but I sure wonder whether it's at all smart.

For one thing, things change.

And for another, allegiances have a habit of changing too.

Think about that.

That would be like right now, betting on the New York Yankees to win it all, before spring training gets going ... let alone the baseball season itself.

Nice to imagine, if you're a Yankees fan, but hardly money in the bank, given baseball's most expensive team's history.

Yet smart political money types tell me it's happening because campaigns have gotten so expensive, and upfront money has gotten so important. And he with the most cash, generally has the power to last.

Think Mitt Romney back in 2012, and George Bush back in 2000.

Money in the bank makes you look like...well, money in the bank.

But I just find it odd that those with the smarts to have all that dough, would risk looking like dolts with all that dough. And for what?

To garner favor with a guy who just might be president? While ticking off the guy who remembers how you passed him up early on for president?

I guess these guys can spread the wealth and give to all, but frankly, it's all too much for me to bear.

Settle down, you don't have this bought and paid for...yet.

Or am I just naive?

What do you think?

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