Should Your Boss Give You Election Day Off?

Take the day off from work to vote?

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Take the day off from work to vote?

Chime CEO Chris Britt on why he is allowing the company's employees to take election day off to vote and a court finding New Hampshire's 'ballot selfie' ban unconstitutional.

Chime CEO and Co-Founder Chris Britt joined Mornings with Maria to weigh in on why he is supporting the Take Off Election Day campaign and will give his employees the day off to vote.

Britt explained that the campaign is an effort to boost voter turnout.

“I think it’s really about spreading the word that this is such an important election and that anything we can do to get more and more voter turnout is a great thing for our country.  And if you look at the statistics around voter turnout even in the last election, it was less than 60% of all eligible voters came out.  And for the Millennial segment in particular it was less than 50%,” Britt said.

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Although Britt realizes it is not feasible for many companies to give their employees the day off on Election Day, he hopes the campaign will increase awareness about the importance of voting.

“The campaign is really around having employers do everything they can to just spread the word to get people out.  We know it’s not realistic for every employer to give the entire day off, but to the extent we can spread the message and work schedules accordingly to allow for that we believe that’s a good thing for our country.”

When questioned if this was an effort to boost voter turnout among younger voters for Hillary Clinton, Britt responded, “No, this is absolutely a non-partisan campaign, so we just want to get people out to vote.”

The Chime Co-Founder also weighed in on concerns that the campaign is another example of Millennials being coddled.

“I think that there’s a misconception that this generation is, you know, lazy and entitled.  We’ve done research and seen that as many as 50%, over 50% of Millennials volunteer their time to causes that they’re passionate about.”

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