Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I Said There Was a War on Cops Two Years Ago

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio weighed in on the recent shootings of police officers in America.

“Never have I seen what’s going on today in our country and internationally also.”

Arpaio viewed the troubling “war on cops,” as not a recent trend and not an issue of race.

“And when I said war on cops, I said that two years ago.  I just had a deputy that was shot because the shooter did not like receiving a traffic ticket.  Right after that they shot up my substation by a Hispanic.  The other guy that shot at my deputy and hit him three times was white,” he said.

According to Arpaio much of the conflict is due to a lack of respect that leads back to the tone set by the Obama administration.

“There’s something wrong in this country, the respect for the police is not there anymore.  I don’t like to take shorts or to blame the administration but I think they set the tempo, the president sets the tempo,” Arpaio said.

On the other hand Arpaio views Donald Trump as being more supportive of America’s veterans and police.

“He loves cops by the way and he loves veterans and he really means it. He was talking about this illegal immigration and the security of this country, the drug traffic a year ago, so he’s talking about it again now but he knew what was going on back then,” he said.