Sheriff Israel can’t rationalize his department’s failures: Kennedy

Zack King, left, comforts friend Mychal Bradley in front of 17 angels representing those who died in Wednesday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, in Parkland, Fla. The teenager accused of using a semi-automati

The H is O in Broward County, Florida, as the sheriff there seems to be knitting his own noose as he commits political suicide in the wake of the school massacre.

Sheriff Scott Israel threw the school officer under the bus when he didn't move toward the shooter, deflected about his deputies who were also reportedly and inexplicably cowering outside while kids were dying, and then went on CNN over the weekend and gave a bizarre, rambling non-defense of his department's inaction that could have led to the shooting and loss of life.

O.J. Simpson only killed two people. This guy potentially has the blood of 17 innocent victims on his hands, so he has displaced O.J. in the record books as the biggest rationalizer of them all.

His department reportedly responded to 23 calls about the school shooter and his brother, yet no paperwork was filed that might have restricted that psycho from buying a gun. Sheriff Israel’s department was notified in November the bastard was collecting guns and knives, in addition to the February 2016 call about his potential to shoot up the school.

And all that was in addition to the two FBI calls, including one in January where a caller spelled out the demented devil's social media handles for an incompetent FBI employee who didn't feel his threats were important enough to forward.

Candy and nuts? That's a little insensitive, but not a surprise from someone who will have plenty of time to snack on both when his butt is out of a job by the end of this week.

If we are going to soften the targets that house our most precious citizens, we better make damn sure the warriors charged with protecting them harden the heck up before it's too late. Again.