Pelosi is out of touch for attacking tax cuts: Kennedy

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wants her job back, and she's willing to say any crazy little thing to tunnel into the speaker crypt once more.

Leader Pelosi gave the Republicans a gift when she sprinkled crumbs all over their talking points, condescendingly belittling the $1,000-plus bonuses enjoyed by three million Americans thanks to the new GOP tax bill.

Someone finally had the audacity to ask the out-of-touch zombie vampiress what she's worth, and who the hell is she to tell someone the value of money?

The question wasn't the past headcount in your out-of-touch uterus, it's how the hell can you look down your nose at people who are living paycheck to paycheck, you limousine socialist?!

The Democrats are doing whatever they can to distance themselves from her insane rhetoric and slipping faculties. The tax bill has not only ticked above a 50% approval rating nationally, it's winning in seven critical battleground states. People there want to hear, "Here's how I can help you succeed," not "I want my old job back so I'll say anything to make Republicans fail." That's not enough. Nor is the idea of a "fair tax" that would cut your tax relief in half while doubling spending. And that would put you back to square negative one, but what's an integer when you're worth tens of millions of dollars!

She is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with Washington: a career politician drunk on past power who will unscrupulously, uncreatively and incoherently do anything to get the House scepter back in her icy death grasp. God help us all, especially younger generations who will be Pelosi'ed into oblivion by reckless spending when the Democrats win back the house of pain.