Sheriff David Clarke on Trump Protests: These are Anarchists, The Cop Haters

The day after Donald Trump’s presidential-election victory, protests against the future president broke out nationwide. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reacted to the protests.

“These are anarchists, these are the ones that we’ve been putting up with, the cop haters, for a long time.  They are in shock. They are in shock because the liberal mainstream media made everybody believe that Ms. Bill Clinton would be the next President of the United States, they never saw this coming,,” Clarke told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

He explained that though peaceful protest has had a long history in America, the protestors should follow Clinton’s and Obama’s calls for a peaceful transfer of power.

“We have a time-honored tradition in this country, okay, and it’s gone back all the way to the beginning of the constitution, it is called the peaceful transfer of power.  Mrs. Bill Clinton called for it yesterday, Barack Obama called for it yesterday.  I expect these anarchists to follow what their leaders are saying,” he said.

But, according to Clarke, despite the tradition of peaceful protests in America, once demonstrations turn violent, law enforcement has to step in and put a stop to the protests.

“Once the violence starts then law enforcement has to go in and use all reasonable force. I’m never going to back off on that because the rule of law must be upheld in this country, property must be protected, lives must be safeguarded,” he said.

Clarke then responded to questions over whether he would accept a post in the Trump Administration.

“Let Donald Trump get his feet underneath him, he’s got a lot to do.  But of course, if the president calls on you to serve, you step up and you fulfill that duty,” he said.