Sessions was right to reject second special counsel: Kennedy

There is no objectivity left in Washington: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy discusses Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s refusal to appoint a second special counsel.

A bunch of Republicans want a second special counsel, and they're led by congressional chairmen Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte and Chuck Grassley who have publicly begged AG Jeff Sessions to appoint a counterweight to Robert Mueller's imbalanced pursuit.

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Sessions is under enormous pressure to tighten up the loose actions of his own department and the FBI, not only from the president, but from influential members of Congress who add to the perception he's a helpless hack by scolding him in broad daylight.

If the DOJ and FBI inspector general has gotten us to first base, Republicans are trying to convince Sessions to go all the way, and now it looks like Jefferson Beauregard has put them a step closer to a home run.

Just this evening, Sessions sent a letter to the three chairmen stating he's going to let the IG, Michael Horowitz, finish his investigation, but in the meantime he's got U.S. Attorney John Huber quietly barking up the Uranium One and Clinton Foundation trees.

We know Mr. Horowitz is now folding potential FISA abuses into his looksee, and it is laughably unsurprising there are systemic surveillance abuses at multiple agencies.

But now Huber's hunt may be a pre-cursor to another special counsel.

Beware what you wish for, powerful chairpeople. There is no objectivity left in Washington, and who's to say the person who seems impartial one day might turn out to be a partisan hack, and your mortal enemy the next.

Dueling special counsels are no way to settle political scores, and this is one area where I agree with the attorney general.

Let Michael Horowitz finish his job before we jump to conclusions, because the enemy of your enemy may just bite you in the keister.

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