Sen. Rick Scott claims CDC wants to 'control' America with 'fear' tactics behind new mask guidance

CDC issued new recommendation on Tuesday for vaccinated people to wear masks indoors

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., argued that new CDC mask guidance is motivated by "fear" tactics on "Mornings with Maria" Wednesday. Scott also said Democrats' warnings of another possible lockdown is an attempt to "control" America.

SEN. RICK SCOTT: It makes no sense. I mean, Democrats want to use fear to control us. So if we got the vaccine, I did, then why do I have to wear a mask?

We can't shut down schools. We can't shut down. I mean, think about the parent that's worried about their child's education or the small business owner that's worried about making ends meet and the employee that needs a job. I mean, the Democrats want to control our lives.

We've got to step up and say, enough's enough, CDC. You need to put out information, give us better information. You know, we're smart. We can make good decisions for ourselves. We don't need you to tell us to wear a mask.

If we think it's good for us, we'll do it. And, by the way, I got the vaccine, get the vaccine. But if you don't, that's a choice you get to make.