Second special counsel will only make matters worse: Kennedy

With Robert Mueller’s net widening and his uncomfortable, probing legal fingers needling the nether regions of Trump confidantes, it's starting to feel like his bottomless budget and boundless mandate are taking the investigation too far. With clear signs of overreach and ambition, the cure for an aggressive special counsel hardly seems to be appointing another special counsel. That's like curing your cold with the flu.

Congressional Republicans like Jim Jordan and former prosecutor Trey Gowdy are leading the charge, calling for another special counsel to pick up the slack where the Clinton email probe ended and the Trump/Russia hunt began.

For defenders of the president, it feels as if this endless exercise is a politicized snipe hunt to console whimpering Hillary fans. For defenders of liberty, it seems to be a gross misuse of money and force to bend the outcome however this special counsel sees fit. If something can become a compromised tool for politics so easily, why on earth would you want more of it? Again, it's like going to fat camp at White Castle.

The conservative chorus claims the DOJ and FBI can't investigate themselves, and the DOJ inspector general is going to take too long interviewing too few people to do anything. Two things here:

One, let the IG finish his job and then assess if the AG needs to pull the trigger on another special counsel. Two, Jeff Sessions has obviously lost control of his department and the faith of his president, and he should resign since he's obviously incompetent and in way over his head.

Those are better places to begin than kick-starting a second round of a frustrating process that would obviously exist just to score political points. When truth and justice are compromised, we all lose.