Second Inauguration: Second Chance to Waste Money

Varney and CoFOXBusiness

So you want to throw away thousands of dollars to travel to DC, barely stay more than a day in your hotel, and spend a ridiculous sum of money to attend an inaugural ball to potentially meet President Obama?

Don't get me wrong. President Obama's second inauguration is an incredible milestone. At the time of his first historic inauguration, I was nineteen. I waited tables at an ESPN Zone (which is now closed) that literally sat one block away from where Barack and Michelle took their famous walk towards the White House. The streets were packed with travelers to witness history in the making. But I had another idea. Why not go to work and make a lot of money? And it wasn't just me. The other locals also had the brilliant idea to charge tourists an arm and a leg to stay with them... and it worked! The point is, living and working in Washington, DC is great because money can always be made from one event or another.

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My suggestion as someone born and raised in DC- don't show up to the inauguration! What do people really hope to accomplish? Personally, if I spend more than $40,000 to engage in any inaugural festivities, I'd better have a private dinner with the first family and golf lessons for a year with the Bidens. One package I saw included a four night stay at an expensive hotel, a tour of Washington, DC, and a personal social media guru who tweets your whereabouts for you. Are you kidding me? For two thousand dollars you and your family can stay at the Marriott, get a tour from our friendly homeless community (they are great with directions), and have your computer-savvy child tweet and post on Facebook for you.

By the way, I met President Obama twice and I didn't spend a dime. But that's a blog for another time.