Sebastian Gorka: Anybody who goes up against the United States of America will lose

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Trump will take necessary measures to protect US: Gorka

Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka on the North Korea nuclear threat.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney of Varney & Co. Thursday that North Korea has “painted themselves into a corner” and anyone who confronts the United States will fail.

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“Anybody who goes up against the United States of America, anyone, will lose and that definitely includes North Korea,” Gorka said.

Gorka said the Trump administration won’t disclose its military strategy towards North Korea and classified the deployment of B1-bomber over the Korean peninsula as “certain necessary steps.”

“It’s not a good idea when you are playing poker to show your hand and it is a very bad idea when you are doing geo-strategy with a pariah Stalinist state like North Korea,” he said.

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The deputy assistant to the president echoed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s warning that North Korea can curb the conflict.

“North Korea has the ball in their court,” Gorka said. “They can de-escalate at any moment by sending a clear message, no more nuclear testing, no more ballistic missile that is what we are waiting to see.”

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