Sebastian Gorka: 2018 is the year of draining the swamp in Washington

MAGA Coalition chief strategist Sebastian Gorka is on a mission to drain the swamp in Washington and remove the bureaucratic red tape standing in President Trump’s way.

“It’s about the agenda of thirty years of political establishment doing what they want to do and you know what, it’s also about the GOP,” Gorka told FOX Business’ Charles Payne.

The former deputy assistant to President Trump slammed the Republican establishment for maintaining the status quo.

“The biggest swamp dwellers' obstacle is in fact the establishment business as usual politics,” Gorka said on “Making Money.”

On Saturday, Gorka spoke at the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit (VVS) and encouraged the participants to donate to his super PAC in order to "drain the swamp" in the nation's capital.

"If you want to help, if you want to drain the swamp, if you want to be part of this, join our team," he said.

Gorka said the war against the Washington elites is only beginning and the seven Senate Republicans, and 240 House GOP members up for re-election in the 2018 midterm elections will face some serious challenges.

“[Politicians] never deliver on what they promise and they just stay there for thirty years in Congress. That’s going to end in 2018 and the swamp dwellers and the RINOS will be primaried, will be challenged,” he said.