Scott Perry suggests potential Hunter Biden charges hide a 'treasure trove' of the Bidens' criminal activity

Hunter Biden facing potential federal gun, tax-related charges after nearly four year investigation

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Penn., argued the potential gun and tax-related charges against Hunter Biden are an attempt to prevent information that could "implicate" the Biden family. On "Mornings with Maria," Tuesday, Perry emphasized the importance of uncovering any influence of peddling or criminal activity by the Biden family that could threaten national security.


REP. SCOTT PERRY: I think what you're seeing right now is a rush to make sure that we don't unpack what is essentially in King Tut's tomb. The Democrats and the Biden family know what's in there, and they don't want the rest of the world to know. And they've been able to keep it from the public for the last two years with distractions and quite honestly, just by ignoring it. But they sense that the Republicans are going to take charge in the House, as they should. And when that happens, there's going to be hearings. And we're going to start daylighting all this information, this treasure trove from the Hunter Biden laptop, as well as the information found in open source reporting from the IRS, from the banks, etc., that not only implicate Hunter Biden and James Biden, but most importantly, the president himself, which is what this is really been all about. 

And so I expect them to try and look at some low-level things like the gun purchase and maybe a falsification on the application or something like that. But just let me tell you this - America cannot sit still for that as the answer to, well, we've handled this and now the scales of justice have been evened out. We need to know exactly if there was influence peddling, especially to our enemies, our adversaries. That's China, that's potentially Russia through Ukraine. We need to know who was involved and to what extent.